John Cook Psychic Medium

About John Cook

I have been a working medium for over 30 years, providing private one to one readings, working at spiritual churches, theatre shows and running development workshops all over the country. In all, I have given messages to thousands of people, bringing them comfort and healing.

I am a qualified Spiritual Healer and have worked in churches and also offer healing on a one to basis.

I have personal experience of loss; when I was very young I saw my late grandmother’s spirit and have since lost my mother and very sadly my wife Sue. Sue is in touch from the world of spirit and continues to support me, acting as a guide and helping me to communicate with peoples’ loved ones.

I feel I must add that I have now married again to another lovely lady who is also called Sue, as this has caused some confusion to people when I have asked them to call Sue for bookings as she keeps my diary for me.

I am available for private psychic one to one readings, which last between forty minutes and an hour. Group bookings can also be made where I can see up to 6 people consecutively. Clients are welcome in my home for private readings, or if you prefer I can travel to you. Readings are £49.00, however, travel costs may also be incurred depending on distance. The session is recorded onto a CD for you to keep afterwards.

If you are unable to get to visit me, I do online readings which you can purchase through the shop for £49.00. I have clients all over the world, the only stipulation is that you must speak English.

I run a Psychic Development Circle fortnightly on a Wednesday evening. In which I help individuals to develop their spiritual and psychic awareness through various exercises such as meditation and working with tools such as Tarot and Psychometry.

If you are a business, or thinking of planning a special event, I am now taking bookings for ticketed evenings in hotels and private clubs. I have worked extensively in association with various charities and organizations, both in after-dinner speaking and evenings of mediumship.