I am a church qualified healer. I have been practising for over fifteen years with very positive results.

Spiritualist Healing is defined as being a form of healing using the forces and energies from the spirit world, channeled through the medium by the laying of hands on or near the body, or by prayer and thoughts from a distance.

Spiritualist Healers do not heal; they allow the healing energy to pass through them. I have had numerous successes over the years, healing patients with both physical and psychological ailments.

Contact Healing

I practice contact healing mostly on a one to one basis. This is done by laying my hands usually on the patient’s hands, back, shoulders or head: the healing can be directed to any part of the body. All I need is for the patient to be relaxed. I never place hands around sensitive areas, there is never any embarrassment caused.

Contact Healing can also be conducted in a Circle using more than one Healer. The patients sit in a circle and the Healers stand behind them allowing the healing energy to flow around the circle. This is useful for group healing.

Absent Healing

Absent Healing is a form of healing which combines the power of thought and prayer together. This can be done by post, holding a picture or letter from the patient linking in and asking my guides to send healing, this method of healing is useful when the patient cannot travel.